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Artist album [Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot]
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The Church of Trinit�� dei Monti Seen from the Villa Medici

Name: corot45

Young Woman in a Pink Dress.

Name: corot54

A Nymph Playing with Cupid.

Name: corot53

The Clearing. Memory of Ville d'Avray.

Name: corot52

A Morning. Dance of the Nymphs.

Name: corot51

The Mill of Saint-Nicolas-les-Arraz.

Name: corot50

Man in Armor or Seated Man at Arms.

Name: corot49

The Colosseum Seen through the Arcades of the Basilica of Constantine.

Name: corot48

Woman with a Pearl.

Name: corot47

Florence. View from the Boboli Gardens.

Name: corot46

The Bridge at Narni. A study.

Name: corot44


Name: corot43

Saint Sebastian.

Name: corot42

Italian Villa behind Pines.

Name: corot41

Self-Portrait with Palette in Hand.

Name: corot40

Pensive Woman in Oriental Dress.

Name: corot39


Name: corot38

The Letter.

Name: corot37

Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld.

Name: corot36

Memory of Lake Nemi, Italy.

Name: corot35

The Baptism of Christ.

Name: corot34

Landscape with Lake and Boatman.

Name: corot33

Genzano. Goatherd and View of a Village.

Name: corot32

View of Riva in the Italian Tyrol.

Name: corot30

The Cabassud Houses at Ville-d'Avray / Les maisons Cabassud a Ville-d'Avray.

Name: corot3

Poussin's Walk, The Roman Campagna.

Name: corot29

Poussin's Walk, The Roman Campagna

Name: corot28

Seated Italian Monk, Reading, Rome.

Name: corot27

Rome: The Church of Trinit�� dei Monti Seen from the French Academy.

Name: corot26

Rome: The Church of Trinit�� dei Monti Seen from the Valley of Trinit�� dei Monti.

Name: corot25

Rome: The Forum Seen from the Farnese Gardens.

Name: corot24

Ville-d'Array: Entrance to the Wood with a Girl Tending Cows. Oil on canvas.

Name: corot22

Product: 45   Page:1/2    1 2 [ Next ] [ End ]

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