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Artist album [Maurice Denis]
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Panel 4: Psyche Falls Asleep after Opening the Casket Containing the Dreams of the Nether World.

Name: denis29

Triple Portrait of Marthe/Triple Portrait de Marthe fianc��e. 1892. Oil on canvas.

Name: denis12

The Seasons Series: April/Cycle des saisons: Avril.

Name: denis9

The Seasons Series: September or September Evening/Cycle des saisons: September ou Soir de septembre

Name: denis8

The Two Sisters/Les Deux Soeurs.

Name: denis7

Soir trinitaire.

Name: denis6

Easter Morning or Easter Mystery/Matin de P��ques ou Le Myst��re de Pâques.

Name: denis5

Spots of Sunlight on the Terrace/Taches de soleil sur la terrasse

Name: denis4


Name: denis34

Homage to Cezanne.

Name: denis33

Panel 7: Cupid Carrying Psyche up to Heaven.

Name: denis32

Panel 6: Psyche's Kin Bid Her Farewell on a Mountain Top.

Name: denis31

Panel 5: In the Presence of the Gods, Jupiter Bestows Immortality on Psyche and Celebrates her Marri

Name: denis30

The Offertory at Calvary/Offrande au Calvaire.

Name: denis3

Panel 3: Psyche Discovers her Misterious Lover is Cupid.

Name: denis28

Panel 2: Zephyr Transporting Psyche to the Island of Delight.

Name: denis27

Panel 1: The Flying Cupid is Struck by Psyche's Beauty.

Name: denis26

Bacchus and Ariadne.

Name: denis25a

Sacred Spring in Guidel.

Name: denis24

The Visitation.

Name: denis23

Martha and Mary.

Name: denis22

The Road to Calvary/Mont��e au calvaire ou Le Calvaire.

Name: denis2

Mother and Child.

Name: denis21

The Encounter.

Name: denis20

Child in an Apron or Little Girl in a Red Dress

Name: denis19

Jacob's Battle with the Angel/Lutte de Jacob avec l'Ange.

Name: denis18

Beauty in the Autumn Wood/Belle au Bois d'automne.

Name: denis10

Ladder in the Leaves or Poetic Arabesques used for the Decoration of a Ceiling/L'Echelle dans le feu

Name: denis14

Mystic Allegory or Tea/All��gorie mystique ou Le Th��.

Name: denis13

Green Trees or the Beeches of Kerduel/Les Arbres verts ou Les H��tres de Kerduel.

Name: denis17

Regata at Perros/R��gates �� Perros.

Name: denis15

The Muses/Les Muses.

Name: denis16

Product: 33   Page:1/2    1 2 [ Next ] [ End ]

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