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Artist album [Vasily Vereshchagin]
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Name: vereshchagin38

Name: vereshchaginp


Name: vereshchagin9

Taj Mahal Mausoleum in Agra.

Name: vereshchagin8

Sowar, the Messenger of the Government.

Name: vereshchagin7

Solomon's Wall.

Name: vereshchagin60

The Apotheosis of War.

Name: vereshchagin6

Vasily Vereshchagin.

Name: vereshchagin58

Name: vereshchagin57

The Night Bivouac of the Great Army.

Name: vereshchagin56

Napoleon I on the Borodino Hights.

Name: vereshchagin55

Napoleon in the Petroff Palace.

Name: vereshchagin54

Japanese Priest.

Name: vereshchagin53

Entrance to a Temple in Nikko.

Name: vereshchagin52

On the Bridge.

Name: vereshchagin51

Corner of the Turkish Redoubt Captured on May 30 but Abandoned on May 31. Study.

Name: vereshchagin50

Mortally Wounded.

Name: vereshchagin5

Site of the Battle Fought on July 18, 1877 in front of the Krishin Redoubt near Plevna.

Name: vereshchagin49

The Mount Kazbek.

Name: vereshchagin48

Picket on the Danube.

Name: vereshchagin47

Picket in the Balkan Mountains.

Name: vereshchagin46

Cart for the Wounded.

Name: vereshchagin45


Name: vereshchagin44

Monastery in a Rock. Ladakh

Name: vereshchagin43

The Northern Dvina.

Name: vereshchagin42

Roses in Ladakh.

Name: vereshchagin41


Name: vereshchagin40

At the Fortress Walls.

Name: vereshchagin4

Uzbek Woman in Tashkent

Name: vereshchagin39

Bayonet Charge.

Name: vereshchagin37

Napoleon and Marshal Loriston

Name: vereshchagin36

On the Way

Name: vereshchagin35

Product: 60   Page:1/2    1 2 [ Next ] [ End ]

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