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artist album [eugene delacroix]
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women of algiers in their apartment.

name: delacroix22

louis d'orl锟斤拷ans showing his mistress.

name: delacroix11

woman with a parrot.

name: delacroix9

female nude reclining on a divan.

name: delacroix8

a mortally wounded brigand quenches his thirst.

name: delacroix7

still life with lobsters.

name: delacroix6

portrait of frederic villot.

name: delacroix55

arabs skirmishing in the mountains.

name: delacroix54

columbus and his son at la r锟斤拷bida.

name: delacroix53

the abduction of rebecca.

name: delacroix52

after the shipwreck.

name: delacroix51

the lion hunt in marocco.

name: delacroix50


name: delacroix5

the entombment of christ.

name: delacroix49

pieta. sketch.

name: delacroix47

lion devouring a rabbit.

name: delacroix46

the shipwreck of don juan.

name: delacroix45


name: delacroix44

the death of ophelia.

name: delacroix43

girl seated in a cemetery.

name: delacroix42

the lion hunt.

name: delacroix41

the massacre of chios.

name: delacroix40

the barque of dante.

name: delacroix4

the death of sardanapalus.

name: delacroix39

name: delacroix38

the bride of abydos.

name: delacroix37

the sea from the heights of dieppe.

name: delacroix36

a vase of flowers on a console.

name: delacroix35

bouquet of flowers.

name: delacroix34

heliodorus driven from the temple.

name: delacroix33

st. michael defeats the devil.

name: delacroix32

frescoes on the west wall.

name: delacroix31

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