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Artist album [Duccio di Buoninsegna]
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Maestš€ (back, central panel): Pontius Pilate¡¯s Second Interrogation of Christ.

Name: duccio95

Polyptych No. 28 (The Holy Virgin with the Christ Child and Four Saints).

Name: duccio94

Triptych (The Holy Virgin and the Christ Child with St. Dominic and St. Aurea).

Name: duccio93

Maestš€ (back, crowning panel): The Descent of the Holy Spirit.

Name: duccio92

Maestš€ (back, crowning panel): Christ¡¯s Appearance to the Apostles.

Name: duccio91

Maestš€ (back, crowning panel, detail of ): Christ¡¯s Appearance on the Mountain.

Name: duccio90

Rucellai Madonna. Detail.

Name: duccio9

Maestš€ (back, crowning panel, detail of ): Christ¡¯s Appearance on Lake Tiberias.

Name: duccio89

Maestš€ (back, crowning panel): Doubting St. Thomas.

Name: duccio88

Maestš€ (back, crowning panel, detail of ): Christ¡¯s Appearance Behind Locked Doors.

Name: duccio87

Maestš€ (back, central panel): Christ in Limbo.

Name: duccio85

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Three Women at the Tomb.

Name: duccio83

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Entombment.

Name: duccio82

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Deposition.

Name: duccio81

Maestš€ (back, central panel, detail of): The Crucifixion.

Name: duccio79

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Crucifixion.

Name: duccio78

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Road to Calvary.

Name: duccio77

Maestš€ (back, central panel): Pontius Pilate Washing his Hands.

Name: duccio76

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Crown of Thorns.

Name: duccio75

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Flagellation.

Name: duccio74

Maestš€ (back, central panel): Jesus Before King Herod.

Name: duccio73

Maestš€ (back, central panel): Jesus Before Pontius Pilate.

Name: duccio72

Maestš€ (back, central panel): Jesus Accused by the Pharisees.

Name: duccio71

Maestš€ (back, central panel): Jesus Before Caiaphas.

Name: duccio70

Madonna of the Franciscans.

Name: duccio7

Maestš€ (back, central panel): Jesus Mocked.

Name: duccio69

Maestš€ (back, predella): The Healing of the Blind Man.

Name: duccio68

Maestš€ (back, central panel, detail of): The Seizing of Jesus

Name: duccio66

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Prayer on the Mount of Olives.

Name: duccio65

Maestš€ (back, central panel): Christ Taking Leave of His Apostles.

Name: duccio64

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Betrayal by Judas.

Name: duccio63

Maestš€ (back, central panel): The Last Supper.

Name: duccio62

Product: 74   Page:1/3    1 2 3 [ Next ] [ End ]

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