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artist album [pavel fedotov]
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portrait of zherbin children.

name: fedotov39

newly decorated (the morning after the official has received his first decoration).

name: fedotov16

andrey, grigoriy and alexander druzhinin

name: fedotov9

name: fedotov8

grand duke mikhail pavlovich visiting the camp of the finland regiment of imperial guards on july 8,

name: fedotov7

portrait of m. m. rodivanovsky.

name: fedotov6

winter day.

name: fedotov5

encore, encore!

name: fedotov49


name: fedotov45


name: fedotov44

officer and his orderly.

name: fedotov43

young widow. 1st version.

name: fedotov42

portrait of s. s. krylov.

name: fedotov41

portrait of m. i. krylova.

name: fedotov40

study for the picture

name: fedotov4

portrait of ye. g. flug.

name: fedotov38

portrait of a. p. zhdanovich.

name: fedotov37

portrait of an architect.

name: fedotov36

portrait of second-captain vannovsky.

name: fedotov35

portrait of p. v. zhdanovich.

name: fedotov34

portrait of m. p. druzhinina.

name: fedotov33

portrait of f. ye. yakovlev.

name: fedotov32

portrait of amalia legrand.

name: fedotov30

portrait of anna zhdanovich.

name: fedotov29

portrait of o. i. demoncalle.

name: fedotov28

portrait of n. p. chernyshova.

name: fedotov27

portrait of lieutenant lvov.

name: fedotov26

portrait of m. p. zhdanovich.

name: fedotov24

portrait of n. p. zhdanovich as a child.

name: fedotov23

portrait of m. ye. shishmareva.

name: fedotov22

s. d. shishmarev on board the ship.

name: fedotov21

untimely guest (aristocrat's breakfast).

name: fedotov20

product: 43   page:1/2    how to make extra money on the side 2 [ next ] [ end ]

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