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artist album [victor vasnetsov]
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name: vasnetsov28

sketch for a church in an old russian style.

name: vasnetsov9

portrait of michael vasnetsov, the artist's son.

name: vasnetsov84

the design of the fa愀诧拷锟斤拷 of the tretyakov gallery.

name: vasnetsov83

after prince igor's battle with the polovtsy.

name: vasnetsov82

battle of slavs and scythians.

name: vasnetsov81

a knight at the crossroads.

name: vasnetsov80

detail of the fresco of the choir in the abramtsevo church.

name: vasnetsov8

the fa愀诧拷锟斤拷 of the tretyakov gallery in moscow.

name: vasnetsov79

victor vasnetsov and vasiliy polenov. the church in abramtsevo.

name: vasnetsov78

the frog tsarevna.

name: vasnetsov77

the snow maiden.

name: vasnetsov76

knightly galloping.

name: vasnetsov75

the unsmiling tsarevna.

name: vasnetsov74

portrait of elena prakhova

name: vasnetsov73

portrait of vera mamontova

name: vasnetsov72

portrait of zinaida sredina

name: vasnetsov71

st. sergiy radonezhskiy. icon for the abramtsevo church.

name: vasnetsov7

portrait of boris vasnetsov, the artist's son

name: vasnetsov69

the chronicler nestor.

name: vasnetsov68

tree bogatyrs.

name: vasnetsov67

tree bogatyrs.

name: vasnetsov66

three bogatyrs

name: vasnetsov65

oleg meeting the magus.

name: vasnetsov64

funeral feast for oleg.

name: vasnetsov63

ivan tsarevich riding the grey wolf

name: vasnetsov62

the oak grove at abramtsevo.

name: vasnetsov61

tsar ivan iv the terrible.

name: vasnetsov60

pond in akhtyrka.

name: vasnetsov6

portrait of natalia mamontova.

name: vasnetsov59

portrait of victor goshkevich

name: vasnetsov58

portrait of tatyana vasnetsova, the artist's daughter.

name: vasnetsov57

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