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Valeryi  11/26/2015 2:00:14 AM
Good afternoon! I am an artist. I want to sell my pictures on your terms.
Yours faithfully, Valeryi Politov/.
Answer:  Dear Valeryi,thank you for message,but we sell oil painting made by our own artist.Regards,Leon   11/26/2015 7:08:21 AM
Bander  11/22/2015 5:45:05 AM
i am old customer, now i want big painting , how much is around 2 meter long and 1.5 high
Answer:  Dear Bander, Thank you for your inquiry,I need to see photo before quote price.please send by email. Best Regards, Leon   11/22/2015 6:39:29 AM
Giuseppe  11/21/2015 5:24:16 AM
Dear Mr.Leon.I should like to reproduce single heads from photos in size 20x24 in medium quality.Will you kindly confirm the price of US d. 15.00-18.00 for each piece.Thank you.Kind regards.De Natale Giuseppe, Bari,Italy
Answer:  Thank you for inquiry,price of different photo differ a lot.please send me photos by email,I will see if it is possible.Regards,Leon   11/21/2015 8:40:34 AM
Fouad  11/19/2015 2:45:41 PM
Inquiry #12407
CWAR064 size 31x44
CWAR065 size 31x41
I would appreciate if you bill me on this order
Answer:  I have sent you proforma invoice.Regards,Leon   11/20/2015 12:30:31 AM
syedarifhussain  11/18/2015 7:11:18 AM
can i share these with my friends ?
Answer:  what can I do for you? Regards,Leon   11/18/2015 7:16:39 AM
Fouad  11/17/2015 2:27:19 PM
Inquiry 12407
I have requested sizes 31x41 and 31x44 but I got a quotation for sizes 31x41 and 31x41.. Do you not have the size I asked for?
Answer:  Sorry ,it is a mistake,I change the proforma invoice,please take a look,artist can make any size.Regards,Leon   11/18/2015 7:14:17 AM
Artem  11/13/2015 3:42:31 AM
I only want buy a baguette, not the picture.
Answer:  what is baguette?Regards,Leon   11/14/2015 2:19:49 AM
Artem  11/11/2015 1:36:39 PM
Hi Leon.Can I buy a baguette without picture?
Answer:  Dear Artem, I don't understand what you mean,artist need to see photo,so they can paint it. if you don't find photos on our website.you can send your own photo to paint. Regards, Leon   11/12/2015 1:26:35 AM
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